3 Important Questions Every Business Owner Must Ask Regularly

1. Am I measuring what matters?

Most business owners make the mistake of focusing on specific key performance indicators instead of tying their marketing objectives around business growth. Tying your marketing objectives around business growth will help you focus on the metrics that matters. An example of this will be focusing on Clicks or Impression instead of Click through Rate (CTR). It is important to note that the metric you measure should be dependent on the business objectives: It should as a matter of necessity impact your bottom-line & help in the customer journey.

2. Have you consolidated your data sources?

Connecting your systems and organizing sources of information can help you identify valuable insights about your customers and better respond to their needs. Your existence as a business is tied to meeting your customer’s needs. Historical customer data is of great value to every business.

3. Are you automating?

In the words of Bill Gate “automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency & automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”
Certain part of your customer acquisition journey can be automated to gain more focus.
Leveraging on tools and platforms for automation becomes an important investment.

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