3 Key Principles of Selling Via Social Media

1. Build your audience

Marketing is a game of numbers, especially social media marketing. The larger the audience, the higher the probability of conversion. Before making major investment in social media marketing, resources and time should have been expended to build audience. Audience acquisition strategy has to be driven by best practice, research and creativity. The goals at the earlier part of social media optimization and management should be adjusted to build audience before driving sales.

2. Engage your audience

Content is key for social media marketing. Content delivered must be tailored to add value to the audience. People engage social media channels of brands for several reasons. These reasons when discovered or researched should be factored into the social media’s content strategy. Engagement is about catching audience attention. It is important to engage audience with the right content at the right frequency, to maintain the attention of one’s target market.

3. Convert your audience.

The art of converting audience is a process, it happens while value is been added to audience using the right content strategy. Whether it is informational, educational, inspirational or entertainment content that is offered, your product or services must be communicated in the process with a clear call to action. It’s all about leverage

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