3 simple ways to increase traffic to your website

Most business owners are usually excited that they have an existing website, which most of us consider as an online address.

Aside ensuring that the website is fast, mobile optimized, SEO optimized and user friendly, one of the key concern for business owners is having a continuous stream of traffic to their site.  Another major concern is ensuring that visitors relate with the content on the website, and where need be, take actions at the end of the day.

Let’s be real

People will only visit your website, if they think it solves a problem for them. Once they confirms you are providing the answer they need, the way they like it, repeat visit is guaranteed. Such problems could be purchase related, pleasure related, or knowledge related.

While, there are several ways to attract traffic to your websites, join me as we look at just 3 ways you can generate traffic to your websites, while we consider how to maximize website traffic in future article.

1.        Invest in Search Engine Optimization

You would agree with me that search engine optimization can be hard work, especially since it demands continuous input.  A good SEO strategy ensures that your webpages or content will appear where people are looking for them.

In brief, the first step is to recognize the major search engine in your locality and optimize your strategy around it. In most countries this would be Google, so we can use the word Google engine optimization. Optimization needs to be done locally, on virtually all the pages of your websites and content, off- your website pages and technically.

Summary is that your business must be positioned on search to answer any of the understated questions that most users ask search engines. I call them “the six brothers of search”.

1. Surprise me, 2. Thrill me 3. Impress me 4. Educate me 5. Re-assure me 6. Help me

2.        Have a Social Media Optimization and Management Strategy

Social media has come to stay, and it has potential to increase engagement, sales and revenue for every category of business. Your social media channels, should be part of the internal conversion systems in place, to generate leads and close sales.

From experience I have discovered that engagement on social media is largely driven by entertainment, education and information. So a strategy can be built around this, in line with the product or service delivery. Once a good engagement strategy is in place, it should be easy to convert likes, follower, shares to impact sales and revenue.

3.        Use Digital Advertising platforms

Digital advertisement works, if done as it should be done. Having said that, it should not be a done in isolation.

Digital advertisement platforms like Google, Facebook ads, twitter ads, Instagram ads etc. comes with the advantages of proper tracking, audience targeting using demography, users’ behavior, user’s interest and budget control.

Please note that the right keywords and a well-designed and relevant landing page should be in place to enhance conversion.

Let me place a note of warning that, without the right strategy and effective ad platform utilization, it easier to waste funds and not achieve desired outcomes.

Other strategy that can be used include, online business directory listing, referral marketing, email marketing, other forms of online publicity such as influencers, and offline marketing. Ensuring continuous traffic to a website whether personal or corporate requires having what it takes to keep people on your site and to keep them coming back.

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