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Digital Marketing Audit overview

At DD Digital Marketing, we understand that historical data, algorithms and trends can make a big difference for brands regardless of their chosen marketing objectives.

An Audit is necessary for brands whether small, medium or large scale that have a digital presence. A digital marketing audit covers so many areas of  a brand’s online presence. This includes search, website & social media.

The beauty of an audit is that it helps inform a brand of the metrics to look out for and the metrics to ignore in measuring a brand’s return on investment for each of the platforms involved.

SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization audit involves taking a proactive look at key metrics in the following areas; website conversion, link building and development, internal linking, information architecture, competitive analysis, index-ability, keyword search, accessibility, technical elements, on page/off page ranking factor, content analysis among others.

With the right analytic tools key metrics can be captured that will inform a brand of what to pay attention to. Search has become very crucial for every business as it affects both top-line & bottom-line. 

At DD Digital Marketing, our team ensures existing brands with online presence can optimize their digital presence to increase top-line and bottom-line.

Website Audit

A website is one of the major tool for a brand internal conversion mechanism. We strategically develop a website that helps you achieve your business objectives. We help existing websites to perform better by doing an audit using certain checklist and looking out for certain metrics. Few of this metrics include traffic sources, bounce rate, conversion rate, top pages, conversion by traffic source, customer’s lifetime value, clicks, impression, time spent on pages, interaction per page, exit pages among others.

Our findings from a website audit helps in the development of a robust digital marketing strategy that ensures that digital marketing is a worthwhile investment. For new brands, useful information from historical  data is incorporated in the web development process.

Social Media Audit & Others.

Social media channels are tools for client’s engagement, and conversion. For existing businesses with social media channels, we help optimize social media channels to reach their desired objectives. At the point of engagement, a social media audit is done to critically observe the content contributing maximally to the marketing objectives and what is not.
Key metrics to pay attention to include engagement, impressions, reach, referrals, response time, response rate, view rate, likes, shares, followers among others.
Other audit areas will cover directory listing, existing internal conversion mechanism etc.

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