How to get your content in Google Featured Snippet

Why Featured Snippet Matters

Have you ever ran a query on Google like “how to make pizza”? Google search return answers to questions in this category using either Google snippet or short and precise YouTube videos.
Getting featured snippet is key for brands that runs a blog on their service or product page or have a customer-focused YouTube channel.
Record has shown that it help increase site traffic as well as other useful metrics.

Important tips to create featured snippet

1. Create relevant and high quality content.

Content is king when it comes to positioning on Google search engine result page. Answer the public is one great way to find questions your customers are asking. Doing a keyword research will also help to get insight on the search query that would bring up featured results. Content that specifically provide answers to the questions people are asking.

2. Know the questions your readers are asking –

Intent and insights are very key to leverage on search. The questions people are asking should be answered with the right keywords and key volume.

3.Get insight from your competitors

get to know what the top competitors in your niche are doing well and leverage on that with your unique content. Tools such as SEMrush, Google search comes in handy here.

Other useful tips include;

  • Answer multiple questions
  • Stay within the optimal word count
  • Use headers
  • Use high quality images and videos

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