Three Powerful Marketing Insights For 2020

1. Adjust Marketing to Business Outcome

One of the realities of today’s customer is that they expect you to assist them along the marketing funnel. This demand looking pass metrics such as clicks, impressions and connecting social media channel to metrics such as revenue, gross margin and profits. It is important for marketing team to understand intent, interactions and signals that are driving long-term growth.

2. Optimise Your Social Media for Long Term Benefit

People tend to respond to brands that are concern about their needs. This means that it is important for your social media to be relevant to customers and to add lifetime value to the brand.

3. Automate Everything

Bill Gate once said if you automate a successful system, you replicate the value it creates. To succeed, brands must deliver experiences that are fast & friction-less. Mobile learning & automation strategy should be embraced as it help find unexpected connections between business goals. It helps to understand and predict the intent of your customer segment as well as their habit.

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