Why Do People Search On Google

((Leveraging on Google to increase sales & revenue))

Have you ever heard the phrase! Ask Google? Everyone ask Google for a reason. From the simplest to the wildest, and often times for foolish reasons.
The answer to this is not far fetch as we all have done a search on Google one time or the other.
Here is a quick review of why?

1. Surprise me: Search is fun and entertaining. It is extensive with many unique iterations
2. Thrill me: Search is a quick adventure to find new things. It is brief, with just a few words and minimal back-button use.
3. Impress me: Search is about influencing and winning. It is laser focused, using specific phrases.
4. Educate me: Search is about competence and control. It is thorough, reviews, ratings, comparisons etc.
5. Re-assure me: Search is about simplicity, comfort and trust. It is uncomplicated and more likely to include questions.
6. Help me: Search is about connecting and practicality. It is to the point and more likely to mention family or location.

As part of your digital marketing strategy, your content and the delivery of your content must align customer’s intention.

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